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I was raised very "Martha Stewart" without the bank account. Summers consisted of gardening, canning, freezing, making jams and jellies, sewing projects and other crafts. For the holidays we made candles, cross stich pictures, candies and various other make it yourself gifts.

Once I was expecting my daughter I made all of her fitted crib sheets, curtains, baby mobile, and changing pad covers. This reaquanted me with the joy that I found in sewing and bringing my ideas to life. Now that I have discovered Etsy there is now an outlet where I can display and sell my wares. Each item is crafted with care and a solid dose of mischief, as my daughter often will get ahold of a piece that I am working on. Next ensues a game of catch me if you can. Creating new items is a very satisfying experience for me, from coming up with the initial process to finishing said project.

Recently I have been searching for a way to provide some extra income so that I can remain a stay at home mom. Now it seems that I have found the avenue that I was looking for. I hope that you will check back to my store regularly and if you are looking for something specific that you do not see please send me a conversation. I would be happy to create that which you envision. Thank you again for stopping by Ceara's Scissors, have a wonderful day!!

Ceara's LLC -- Ceara's Scissors

A new shop on Zibbet offering bibs,bonnets, nursing covers, approns, baby and toddler clothing! If you need something custom made or want something that you don't see listed please send me a conversation and we will see what we can create together.